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Big Something


Big Something

BIG Something is an alternative rock group with a BIG groove. A tight six-piece ensemble that brings arena sized grooves to every stage they play. This is funk, fit for the future, featuring crystalline synths, wailing saxes, and guitars that shred established musical boundaries. Their debut album "Stories from the Middle of Nowhere" was recorded in Raleigh, NC with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer and was named the Home Grown Music Network's Best Studio Album of 2010. Each song is something special: catchy and charming, layered and soulful, with colorful characters that embody the best and worst in us all. One listen will lead to many and you'll realize you've discovered that BIG Something.

Casey Cranford - sax, electronic wind instrument (ewi)
Jesse Hensley - lead guitar, vocals
Josh Kagel - keys, synth, trumpet
Nick MacDaniels - guitar, mandolin, banjitar, lead vocals
Doug Marshall - bass
Ben Vinograd - drums
Quinn Ray - lighting designer / tour manager

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